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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wiggly Chair Pads - Chocolate Bunny and Peace

Just in time for Easter, I've finished my Chocolate Bunny chair pad project.

It's covering my library-turned-sewing-chair which never had any padding but is nice and wide.

I used Sugan 'n Cream all cotton yarn and a size H hook.
The bunny pattern is from Susan Lowman's "Hot Stuff for the Holidays" wiggly trivet and coaster book.
I've used that book to make some chair pads in the past but I don't think I ever posted about them.

Here's the jack-o-lantern one. Since it's all cotton, and you wash them, they will shrink. But this chair is a little wider than most so it would probably work fine for any chair anyways. Otherwise, don't wash them! LOL!

Here's my own wiggly peace design chair pad. I wish the yellow were darker but it's all they had in the stores I was in. Plus, no one had true blue! I had to use Sinfonia 100% cotton yarn and double up so it would be as thick as the Sugar 'n Cream yarn.

Here's a comparison shot of the chair pad with the original wiggly trivet on top. (That was made from size 10 crochet thread). I wanted the chair pad to be that dark yellow too but, oh well. (Mondrian colors always look awesome!).

I know I've made the Christmas tree trivet pattern into a chair pad too but I can't find where I stored it. Anyway, the trivet patterns work great for making chair pads. You don't have to use cotton yarn either. I just thought it would be nice and durable. Many people make cotton scrubbies with the yarn so it should last a while for just sitting on.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

March Madness Afghan

With so many left-over colors of yarn from previous projects, I created this wild and frenzied afghan I'm calling March Madness. 

It's fifteen squares, all tunisian crocheted, and joined together. There are six basic colors with - varying shades - of yellow, orange, pink, turquoise, green, and purple

Not quite as many chevrons as this year's Norwegian Olympic Curling team, 

but very close. 

I used black and white yarn for the square borders and joining. I made them zig zag as well.

Also, I wanted to post a photo of my Remembrance bear the people from my Mom;s hospice care made for my Dad, my sister, and I. (We gave them some of Mom's t-shirts and they sewed each of us a bear out of the shirts.) 

Here's the three of them. They arrived right around Mom's birthday in February. My sister then mailed mine to me.

The first is made up from a shirt of all Mom's great-grandson's hand prints. She loved that shirt. (Dad has a shirt just like it.)

The middle shirt, I think say's Chieftans which is their local school's mascot.

The last bear is mine. It's of a riverboat casino near where they lived. Mom and Dad liked to go gambling at the boat.

Casino bear is now in my craft room on my director's chair in the corner. He's sitting on a chair pad my sister made.