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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dumbledore Scarf with Rainbow

In honor of J.K.R.'s "outing" of our Professor Dumbledore, I wanted to make something nice.
I had a very small graph of a wizard so I decided to make a scarf. (Click on all the images for enlargement).

It is all done in tunisian crochet stitch with my size J cabled hook.
I began by stitching the wizard first. Then I decided to do a diamond pattern along the body of the scarf. I chose purple and black diamonds to match the purple hat/inner robes he's wearing and the black background behind him. The multi-colored yarn is Red Heart's Essentials yarn called Harvest. It has such beautiful colors. Orange, purples, yellow-orange and red-orange. Kind of Gryffindor-ish.
Once I finished with that I decided to add a small rainbow to the other end.

Then, I embellished the whole thing with sequins, and added more hair by "latch-hooking" yarn through the stitches with my crochet hook. I had a lot of left-over sequins from two seasonal banner kits I had made in which you had to add the sequins to - so I went a little crazy.
You thread a needle then go up from the back, add the sequin, add a clear bead, then go down the same hole in the sequin. This holds the sequin on. Then you just do it a million more times. LOL!

These two shots show what it looked like after I did the embellishments but before I joined the side ends together at the back. It was important to do this so the ugly back doesn't show at all. Plus it's nice and double-thick and warm. So it's actually like a long tube. Then I added some fringe to the ends with tassles.

I took it outside today to get some shots in the sun. It really doesn't show off the sparkliness of the sequins. Oh, I forget, I also had added a plastic star button for the end tip of his hat and stitched on a pair of half-moon glasses with a metallic thread.

I flipped it over so you can see the joining seam.I single crocheted around the whole thing first so that the joining would be nice and even. It worked great. I tied the hair at the back with a purple ribbon. His body doesn't actually go completely around. Oh well.

I know some of you will ask, "What does it look like on a person?", so I grabbed my mother-in-law outside and took a couple shots. She absolutely didn't want her face in the shots. (She's the same person I got to hold up my first Snape afghan. Hee hee. She must really think I'm nuts).

I really wanted to find a phoenix pin or button or something like that to put in the small space ubove the rainbow in the black area; but I couldn't find anything.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Camouflage Man Afghan

This is an afghan I crocheted after buying a pair of vintage designer Jean Paul Gaultier jeans from etsy.
(All images are clickable for enlargement).

I saw the pair of jeans on etsy and I simply HAD to get them so I could photograph his face really good and make a graph from it to crochet.

Here they are along-side each other. The jeans are small sized; like for a girl. I took a photo from the lower leg part and graphed that at microrevolt. I'm glad I went ahead and bought the jeans because the graph was really hard to distinguish colors from. It was nice to have the original pair in hand to look at if I wasn't sure.

I flipped them over so you could see the back of the afghan and the front of the jeans too. The border of the afghan is made with five rows of 3 front post double crochet 3 back post double crochet; and then five rows doing the opposite with two different Bernat camouflage yarns. Renegade and Outback. Alternating between them after every third stitch. I tried to make it look like brick. It was actually the hardest part of this project, (believe-it-or-not), and I'm not sure if it was really worth it. LOL!! It would have probably been fine just making a black border. LOL!!

I really really enjoyed making this one. My husband thinks the guy looks crazy or deranged or something. I don't know. I think he's scared.
Now I have to figure out what to do with this pair of jeans. I could always make a jean purse. But they were pricey and they are brand new and I don't know if I could cut them up.
Anyway, hope you liked the afghan.