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Monday, March 14, 2016

Flapper Girl - Leaping Into Art Deco - B.S. Challenge

This is my finished Bohemian Sisters "Leaping Into Art Deco" challenge.

I found an awesome picture of a flapper girl and made a graph with it on knitpro at microrevolt.

I used all left-over threads from my stash to cross stitch her. It was so fun choosing the colors.

The aida fabric she is stitched on is one of those that comes with a print already on it.
I decided to leave that print showing on her skin by not stitching those areas. I thought it made her look more interesting.

After the cross stitching, I embellished her with beads for her earring, and on her face near her eye. The beads are also left-overs from kits I've made. They don't show up so well on the camera but they are really awesome in person.

The large turquoise and red "sputnik" bead on her earring is actually a found object. I got that a few years ago in a parking lot.
It was crushed and broken on one of the red bumps, (which is now the side towards the fabric). I was so happy to finally find a use for it!)

The feathers are from a boutonnière package I had gotten from Hobby Lobby on clearance. I took it apart and made two fancies adding ribbons and eyelash yarns.

The frame is just an ordinary wood cross stitch hoop which I taped with duct tape. It has this amazing flower design on it. You only have to tape the outside hoop that shows. The inner hoop is to the back and never shows. (See next photo).

The pattern on this tape is so busy that it doesn't matter about the tape seams not matching each other.
Here's the back. 

Here it is on my wall. The colored framed makes it stand out more.

Finally, here it is from farther away on the wall in my messy craft room.
I think she fits in just perfect.


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