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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Always Snape Scarf

I've been sad and down over Alan Rickman's death.

I'd wanted to make something in tribute to the man - (even though I've already done many projects in honor of him.)

I found a web site that had already begun a Harry Potter crochet-along before his death. Since Alan's passing, she has made a couple of alternate squares to make if you wanted to honor him. What a great gesture!

So, I made four of the alternate squares and also made up a Snape word square of my own and crocheted this Always Snape Scarf.
In keeping with my decision to not buy anymore yarn and to use up the yarn I have, I had to make this with many different colored green yarn skeins and left-overs.
The back is made of felt squares that I hand-sewed onto the scarf to hide the messiness of the color changing and weaving in of the many yarn ends. The felt squares are nice and soft too.
It's also trimmed in a fuzzy grey soft furry yarn.
I made the Snapes with smirking/smiling and frowning faces. I also added wands.
Because of all the yarn color changes, the word "always" got a little bunched up. I tried to use less tension but it didn't seem to help. Both of those squares are a bit bunchy.

So, here's to you Alan Rickman! You are the reason I got into reading the whole Potter series after seeing you in the first Sorcerers Stone  movie. Learning about your career and catching up on all the things you'd done prior to Snape as well as afterwards was a joy. You were so talented and the theater/movie world has lost a magnificent talent on January 14, 2016. May you rest in peace.


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