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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

March Madness Afghan

With so many left-over colors of yarn from previous projects, I created this wild and frenzied afghan I'm calling March Madness. 

It's fifteen squares, all tunisian crocheted, and joined together. There are six basic colors with - varying shades - of yellow, orange, pink, turquoise, green, and purple

Not quite as many chevrons as this year's Norwegian Olympic Curling team, 

but very close. 

I used black and white yarn for the square borders and joining. I made them zig zag as well.

Also, I wanted to post a photo of my Remembrance bear the people from my Mom;s hospice care made for my Dad, my sister, and I. (We gave them some of Mom's t-shirts and they sewed each of us a bear out of the shirts.) 

Here's the three of them. They arrived right around Mom's birthday in February. My sister then mailed mine to me.

The first is made up from a shirt of all Mom's great-grandson's hand prints. She loved that shirt. (Dad has a shirt just like it.)

The middle shirt, I think say's Chieftans which is their local school's mascot.

The last bear is mine. It's of a riverboat casino near where they lived. Mom and Dad liked to go gambling at the boat.

Casino bear is now in my craft room on my director's chair in the corner. He's sitting on a chair pad my sister made.


  • I LOVE the March Madness afghan! What a great way to use up yarn from past projects! You have enough similar colors to make it work. Those Norway Curlers are so Fab! Actually the zigzag in a chevron is perfect since that's what curling teams do on the ice with their brushes.
    Glad to see your bear is in a happy place! Mine is on the child rocker in the dining room. Dad has his in bed with him! :) Reminds him of his old Teddy Bear named Brownie. :)
    Thanks for sharing your March Madness project!

    By Blogger CC, at 5:25 AM  

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