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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Built To Last - Vintage Sewing Machine

This past Christmas my sister gave me a brand new sewing machine. (YAY!)

So I wanted to post a photo of it next to an old sewing machine that a lady gave to me a few years ago at her garage sale. (She was moving and didn't want to lug around this thing to her new place. It's 33 lbs!)

Here they are together. The new one is a Brother and the old one is a Cavalier.

This Cavalier has a brittle, corroded cord so I've never been able to run it.
The body says made in Japan and GL - 7. The motor on the back is a Champion universal 24 model which was Made in the U.S.A. 

There's beautiful chrome decorated front and back pieces as well as pretty gold scrolled designs along the base. This last back shot shows the light housing which kind of looks like a small torpedo. LOL! The light bulb inside is broken and the turquoise cord leading out from it to the box says Okusun.

You can open it up because it's hinged to the box base and on the front left side there this stock number. The box is sort of a strong particle board with an outlet on the right side for the machine's plugs for the light and the pedal/power.

But one look at this cord and you can see the trouble. Because it's cord was crumpled up to fit inside the box for so long, it has many breaks in the cord's tubing exposing the wires. I'd never plug this thing in without getting it rewired.

Finally, here's the ugly case with no markings on it. There might have been a label on the top shaped like a circle at one time. Other than that; nothing. There's metal buckles on each side to clamp the top lid to the bottom base keeping this sewing machine protected really well. Too bad about that dang cord.

I can't image how much it would cost to mail this anvil somewhere for repairs. It'd have to be done locally.
Anyone know of a reasonably-priced, Hoosier, handy-man electrician?  LOL!


  • What a lovely retro machine! I can just imagine some housewife from our childhood being so (sew) happy to have this fabulous machine!

    By Blogger CC, at 10:38 AM  

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