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Friday, October 11, 2013

X Marks the Spot -- Skele - Wiggly trivet

I finished this last month but waited until it got closer to Halloween to post it.

It's a trivet made from size 10 crochet thread in black and white.
I designed it myself using the same techniques as Susan Lowman and her fabulous crocheted trivets. 
I enjoyed making this so much and can see a ghost or Frankenstein monster one in the future too!

I also made a few more trivets.

I had already made this Mondrian colored Peace trivet for myself last year, (left), but when my dog Peace died last month I decided to make another one for my sister using some groovy thread she gave me. So this right one will be hers. I like how the colors look on that one!

I had made this Smiley wiggly already too but after Peace died I was so sad I made this Frowny trivet. It turned out smaller than the Smiley and I don't know why because they are actually the same grid square lengths. Maybe the thread was thicker? Or maybe my stitches were tighter? Or maybe I used a different sized hook? Anyway, it was nice to have something to work on during my grief.

And finally, I made this Green Bay Packers G trivet for my sister too. It was hard to try and make it like their G logo because it has to be in a grid form and, so, not as curvy. I hope she like's it!!!!


  • Sister likes them all!
    I have plenty of room on my craft room door to add more of your wonderful trivets!!!
    I agree that crafts can help you through grief and all other life problems!
    Keep your hands and mind busy with art crafts! :)

    By Blogger CC, at 6:03 PM  

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