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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Here Come The Hawks - The Mighty Blackhawks

I started making this next vest with the intention of giving it to my Dad for Christmas.
But I liked it too much and in the end kept it for myself, (even though I'll probably never wear it here in Indianapolis). (Does Indiana even have a hockey team? Wasn't there a Checkers team at one time?)

Anyway, here's the vest.

This is the front.

This is the back.
I made this first and then did the side/fronts. I crocheted the C and tomahawk logo and stitched that on top of the front. It's lined using a used xxx large red t-shirt that I cut down the center and just sewed in. At the bottom I fringed the t-shirt and added black and white pony beads.

I love this image of the Blackhawk warrior and I think it's one of the best sports logos there is. I really hope they always keep it for their symbol.

I did learn of another 'hawk' image that was made to possibly replace this one - (which I also think is fantastic) - but I read that a Canadian kids hockey league bought this 'hawk' design and now the Chicago Blackhawks would be out of luck if they ever wanted to purchase it back from those guys.

Here's that Canadian little league Team's logo. It's really impressive. In fact, it said on Wikipedia that some t-shirts were made using this new logo for the actual Chicago Blackhawks team and sold outside the stadium once.

Anyway, my Dad's always been a big fan of the Blackhawks. When I visited last time I saw he had a nice 2013 Stanley Cup Champions Blackhawks jersey hanging up in his pool room.

As an added bonus, I have a couple of photos from my new "craft room" I have been working on since my sister gave me a sewing machine for Christmas, (thanks, again, Sis!)

Here's the work station. I reupholstered an old library chair with vintage Flock-o-Fun fabric, bought lots of lighting from Goodwill, and added my fez hat on a stand for inspiration.

There's a trim of red Fun Fur all around the edges except the bottom.

As a kid growing up in a suburb of Chicago I remember the theme song they always played on the commercials. I actually found it on their official website. It's from 1968. Perhaps you might like to sing along...


  • Awesome!!!!!
    Love that you used a tee shirt to line it and used your new sewing machine for that!!
    Also love the peek at the craft room!!!!!!
    I remember that Blackhawks theme music too! It does get in your head!

    By Blogger CC, at 2:08 PM  

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