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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Close Encounters of the Crocheted Kind - Meep & Stella

I love to play Scrabble and joined an online gaming site a while ago just so I could play it without any of those dang annoying ads. I've learned how to play lots of other games at the site as well. 

When someone at the site made a graph with which she created a Perler beaded coaster, (out of one of the characters from one of the games), I knew I had to try and crochet an afghan by doing the same.

 I uploaded the character's photo to the knitpro graph generator site and made a graph I could crochet from.
Ta-daaa! It's Meep from Stellar Sweeper.

I used the left-over sparkly yarns from the Harlequin poncho a couple of posts ago, plus, added the ocean colored variegated I Love This Yarn for the background and some sparkly soft fuzzy purply yarn for trim.

I think he's supposed to be giving a sort of 'Spock-like', V-shaped, greeting with his fingers only he's doing it with both hands and has them touching at the fingertips.

I also crocheted a dress for a stuffed alien doll I found at Goodwill. I think the doll was originally made as a toy from that partially animated movie with Michael Jordan in it from a while ago; Space Jam.

The doll had a cloth basketball outfit that was red with black and white trim and a number 23 on it. (Like Jordan's Chicago Bull's outfit).
Anyway, I stripped that outfit off and crocheted this cute dress onto the alien.

I named her Stella.

The dress is made with 100% cotton Sugar n Cream yarn. I added a necklace which is just two green pop tabs strung on a metal bead link chain, (like for a key chain).

Here they are together. Meep and Stella.
The afghan is really small. It would fit into a baby crib.


  • Love them! The greens in Meep are awesome! Looks like Stella is glowin the dark yellow/green. Have you checked to see if she does glow?
    I love her girlie dress and necklace! Way to repurpose an old toy into a new cool one!
    They look very good together in the final photo!
    Great work!

    By Blogger CC, at 6:22 AM  

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