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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Baby Animals Afghan - Team Sasquatch - Winter Olympics Games 2014

This year for Ravelry's Ravellenic Winter Games 2014, I joined the Team Sasquatch and finished up an afghan I started a while ago but had never finished until now.

I had wanted to make a tunisian afghan using graphs made for filet crochet. I also wanted to use two different patterns and pick out and match up the animal graphs from each pattern into one blanket.

I used the two Design carriage crib cover filet crochet patterns originally available as mail order patterns.
Design 915 and Design 7757.
I took the dogs, cats, and rabbits from each and made them into one afghan.

In order to fit them into the same size squares, I decided to leave out the ball, bows, butterflies, and ribbons that were in the original graph patterns.

Each square is 50 stitches wide by 45 stitches tall. (Since tunisian stitches are taller than they are wide, the squares must be shorter in stitch length so they would be perfect squares).

I made two squares at a time going across row by row so I didn't have to join squares when done - they were already all together as it is made as one whole piece.

Each animal is a different color. I added the flowers, (snowflakes?, sputniks?, lol), after it was done by using a yarn needle and simply stitching/weaving them onto the afghan.

The border is single crocheted row by row alternating between black yarn and one of the colors of each animal. Kind of gives it a rainbow look.

Since I finished my UFO project during the games I was awarded a cute virtual "gold medal" along with most of the other Team Sasquatch Ravthletes.

I will proudly display this honor in this post for all to see. Here it is along with the proper discription of award ceremony festivities.

"Cheers and applause shook the stadium as the gold medalists walked proudly to the stadium. Streamers of yarn and knitted flowers and amigurumi toys flew as tribute and homage to their feet.
Now please stand to honor our Ravthlete medalists as they receive the glory due to their olympican effort in reaching the finish line!"


  • Woot, Woot!
    Applause, hand clapping too!
    Great job!
    And you have a baby gift ready for whenever the next baby in the family comes!
    How fun your Squatch team is!

    By Blogger CC, at 2:50 PM  

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