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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wiggly Chair Pads - Chocolate Bunny and Peace

Just in time for Easter, I've finished my Chocolate Bunny chair pad project.

It's covering my library-turned-sewing-chair which never had any padding but is nice and wide.

I used Sugan 'n Cream all cotton yarn and a size H hook.
The bunny pattern is from Susan Lowman's "Hot Stuff for the Holidays" wiggly trivet and coaster book.
I've used that book to make some chair pads in the past but I don't think I ever posted about them.

Here's the jack-o-lantern one. Since it's all cotton, and you wash them, they will shrink. But this chair is a little wider than most so it would probably work fine for any chair anyways. Otherwise, don't wash them! LOL!

Here's my own wiggly peace design chair pad. I wish the yellow were darker but it's all they had in the stores I was in. Plus, no one had true blue! I had to use Sinfonia 100% cotton yarn and double up so it would be as thick as the Sugar 'n Cream yarn.

Here's a comparison shot of the chair pad with the original wiggly trivet on top. (That was made from size 10 crochet thread). I wanted the chair pad to be that dark yellow too but, oh well. (Mondrian colors always look awesome!).

I know I've made the Christmas tree trivet pattern into a chair pad too but I can't find where I stored it. Anyway, the trivet patterns work great for making chair pads. You don't have to use cotton yarn either. I just thought it would be nice and durable. Many people make cotton scrubbies with the yarn so it should last a while for just sitting on.


  • Those chair pads are really neat! I bet they are nice and cushie for your tooshie! LOL! No really, I think the wiggly trivet would make a super soft springy seat. Great idea!

    By Blogger CC, at 5:30 AM  

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