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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pop Tab Purse

Happy Earth Day!

I made a pop tab purse this time recycling lots and lots of Pop can pull tabs and crocheting them together. (Please click on the photos to enlarge them).

I used Lion brand Bonbons yarn in their Party colors. (It comes in a small 8-pack of little 2.8 oz. sizes. It has metallic threads twisted with the yarn.) I also used a hideous ring with an amber stone in the center and two on each side for the closure. A carbinger keeps it closed.
It's lined with fabric. (Otherwise everything would fall out because of using pop tabs.) The handle uses colored pop tabs that are from energy drinks. (I hate energy drinks but my son likes them and I would collect them whenever he'd buy one).
I first used a tan strong nylon cord-like thread to join all the pop tabs and then used the Bonbon yarn overtop that. I wanted to make sure the purse held up. The underside of the strap uses a metallic cord to join the colored tabs. I think I have a shot of the top of the strap where you can actually see all the pretty colors of the tabs.
This shows the back side of the purse and the top of the strap, (although it's blurry).
For the sides I used tabs from soup cans. They are wedge-shaped like Trivial Pursuit pieces and when joined together make a circle).
The lining is hand-sewn into the purse.

 Have a great day and remember to recycle when you can!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Genie and Simba wiggly Trivets

When Robin Williams died, I wanted to make a crocheted genie in memory of his wonderful life and talents. I decided to make a wiggly trivet. It was really hard and I don't think it turned out very Robin-Williams-esque. But I tried. (Please click on the pictures to enlarge them).

I originally had blue eyes but they didn't show up well. So they are green. His nose is blue. There's a top-knot of hair, earrings, beard, and even a genie lamp, (a very crude one). It's so tough to fit it all in and be confined to a grid pattern.

While I was at it, I made a Simba wiggly trivet too.
It's from this

 sand art picture that Rafiki, (that wise monkey guy), draws on the rock in the beginning when Simba is born.

Again, it was hard to make within the confines of a grid.
I hope folks can figure out who/what it is anyways.

I don't believe I made a post of my Simba afghan I made for my son. I may have to snag it back from him and get a couple of pictures and post it.

I finished another chocolate bunny wiggly trivet too. Just because they are fun to make.

I chose green and orange because bunnies like carrots. :)