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Monday, March 06, 2017

Neon Lion Afghan for Michael

My youngest has flown the coop. Yep. That's right.
So I have wanted to make a housewarming gift.

I have already given him a chalkware lion lamp, (from the 70's), which I found on, (I think it's awesome!) Also from I found him a vintage lion bobblehead, (because no home should be without a bobblehead of some type, right?)

So I saw crocheter anderlance's Neon Lion afghan on Craftster and knew I would love to make this for Mike. The pattern for Neon Lion is by Judy Calevro Masell and is available here at Ravelry

I took a couple of photos while making it even though it was difficult with so many yarns all tangled up I still managed it.

I used only yarns that I had - except for black. I had to buy three skeins of black  I Love This Yarn at Hobby Lobby. Most had no labels left on so I can't really tell you what yarns they are. I used a size H cabled afghan hook.

This was the back at that time. (And I had already worked on weaving in the loose threads for a couple of hours!) So just picture about a million more loose threads than this and you will get an idea of how many there were to weave into the back.  

Here it is all finished. I could barely fit it in the photo. 
For a border I decided to just single stitch a row of each color I used in the blanket. It always needs a border to stop the curling as it wants to do. 

Then I did a final row with black double crocheting some shells all around. Kind of like a picture frame. In fact, the afghan could actually be stitched onto a lightweight foam board and hung on the wall as a picture.
The afghan is 40 inches tall by 38 inches wide.


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