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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Peace Pouffe

This is my 200th post. YAY!
This project took many, many months to finish.
I started with the pattern from an old Columbia Minerva tote kit which I had made in 2009.

Here's a link to that tote post in my blog.

Then, I had made another purse from the pattern - this time in needlepoint, (not plastic canvas), and posted that project in February of 2012.

Here's a link to that purse/bag post in my blog.

So, this time I decided to go big. Really big.

I did the pattern and side panels in plastic canvas four times each.
Connected them all and made a bottom with plastic canvas too.
Crocheted a round top.
Put 7 empty plastic coffee cans inside.
Stuffed it with batting around the sides and added  two huge dog bed size pillows on the top.
Trimmed it with fluffy yarn and crocheted the top to the sides.

This is the bottom. You can see the coffee cans and the joining of the plastic canvas pieces. Plus some of the  white batting is also showing.

This is the top. I just single crocheted it with a size H hook and some Peaches and Cream cotton yarn.

I can actually sit on it but I'm going to use it to put my feet up on as I sit sideways watching tv and being on the computer at the same time.

The empty coffee cans really make it lighter than you would expect. Yet it is sturdy too. 
As you can tell, I just love this pattern sooooooo much!