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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Weirdest Thing I Ever Crocheted

Yes, we've all made some strange things in our time.
I wanted to share mine.
It all started one day when one of my boys brought in a Harley Davidson leather glove that he found in the street out front.
Just the one. It looked brand new. Very nice, soft leather with a black fringe of leather and a zipper on the wrist.

Well this sat in my house for a week or two with no one coming to claim the thing.
What to do, what to do.....

I have made leather bottomed crocheted purses in the past.
Sometimes I take the suede from an old, worn out book bag bottom, or get a nice used leather purse from Good Will, then I punch holes all along the leather strip I want for a purse bottom and simply crochet upwards.

So anyway, here I am will this very cool looking glove with the H-D logo on it and all.
What the heck.
I snipped the "fingers" off and punched holes at even spaces with a hand held awl (is that the word for it?) tool I found in an old sewing basket a while back.

I decided to used black yarn and then also add a nice cool ripple stripe. (I don't remember what the name of the yarn was.)

Pics! Yes, I have pics!
First I wanted to show the bottom. It is the front and back of the glove without the fingers. I added my own pink suede strips so the fringe would go completely from one side to the other, (instead of just halfway up).

It kind of took on a shape all it's own, like a nuclear reactor. LOL!!!! Or maybe that glob of mashed potatoes that Richard Dreyfus shapes into his vision from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, LOL!!!!! But I am being silly.
I used some pink suede strip for the drawstring.

Here's what it looks like with some things inside. See how it expands and looks more normal?

Here's a pic of it hanging. It reminds me of a genie bottle.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Felted Mosaic Tote

Well, after making the Retro Mosaic tote, someone suggested that the pattern would be great for felting so naturally I had to try it!

Here's the "before" pics.

Let's see. In order that's front, back, bottom, left, right, and then hanging front and hanging back.
It measured 13 X 13 inches front and back and 13 X 7 inches on the bottom and sides.

Now for the after shots.....

So that's front and back hanging and a bottom and left and bottom right. I think that's right. Unless I got my left's and rights mixed. Ah well, LOL!!!!

It now measures 10 to 10.5 inches X 6 inches. It really looks cool! This was a perfect pattern to felt!