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Friday, January 19, 2007

M*A*S*H Bag

I've seen some new items being created using old t-shirts. I think they call it "reclaiming". So, when I saw this dog Halloween costume on clearance, I immediately thought of creating a new bag from it. Target had a whole line of pet costumes from Boots and Barkley.

I loved the M*A*S*H show as a kid and I really liked the shape of the shirt. It was for a large sized dog, but for a purse/bag, it was the perfect size.

This was a simple M*A*S*H 4077th pre-stressed looking t-shirt. I added two handle/straps which come off the two sleeves and attach to the round base bottom I crocheted.

I used Bernat's camouflage yarn called Mash. Yep. That's right. (I love it when things just work out).

Since this was a dog's shirt, the design is on the back. So here are shots of the front and back. I crocheted around the collar and added a crocheted chain to cinch it closed.

The shirt fabric was so thin I had to add a lining to the bag. I used this drab olive greenish colored flowery fabric.

To begin crocheting around the neck, arms, and bottom of the shirt, I had to first thread a needle with the yarn and whipstitch around the hems. Can you see where I did the whipstitches?

Then it's easy to simply crochet underneath each stitch and continue around as you go. For the bottom, I had to make a circle first and once it became as large as the bottom of the shirt, I crocheted into the whip stitches. (It's easier for me to crochet a circle from the inside-out rather than to start at the edge of the shirt and gradually decrease, (although it could be done that way too).

Since the t-shirt's front, (by the dog's tummy), is shorter than the back, the bag's bottom is sort of at a slant.

I thought what would really be cute for this bag would be to go to the pet shop and make your own "dog-tag" to attach around the cinched chain at the neck. Our Pet Smart store has one of those do-it-yourself dog tag machines that you can simply punch in the info of whatever you like it to say and also choose the style of tag shape too. I just had another tag made for our dog, (she chewed up her old one), and it costs about $8.00 to make one. Well, I haven't made one for this bag or anything; but I was just thinking how cute it would be.

Hope you all like the bag! After next Halloween, I'll be looking at the clearance aisle again to be sure!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr. Afghan

It'll be here on Monday but.....

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!

I got a wooden size N tunisian cabled afghan hook from Dreamweaver Yarns for Christmas and couldn't wait to try it out.

I have had this King stencil for a while. It actually had a Liberty Bell in the background but it was much easier to just tackle the portrait alone.

It's the largest hook I've used for tunisian stitching. It's not as compact as the other afghans I've made. It's lighter.

Here's the back. I still need to weave in the loose yarn by the words. I just did that free-hand overtop the afghan. (All images are clickable for enlargement).

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ron and Hermione dolls

Well Happy New Year to all of you!!! I've been very busy this vacation. (Prepare for a mega-post).

I finally finished my Ron and Hermione dolls. Harry won't be alone at my crocheted Hogwarts castle anymore!

First I'll start with Ron. (All images are clickable for enlargement).

I had to make him in his maroon R sweater. I used a faded blue color for his jeans because he probably wears hand-me-downs.

For his shirt I chose a faded country variegated color so it would look "patchy" or at least one of Mrs. Weasley's knitted creations.

I also made him one of those hats with the long tassels which he wore in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Ron's hair and Scabbers hair is made by crocheting over top the dolls after I made them with the cotton yarn first. It was a no-name brand I picked up at Target last year called knitting fur. I thought the colors for Ron's hair were perfect. The sun was so sunny today it was difficult to have it not too bright.

Hermione and Crookshanks.

Her school uniform is all one piece. (It was easier to do it this way). I tried to make the skirt look pleated. There is a simple black belt to cinch around her waist so it looks like two pieces.

I know I have one of those pins that look like a skirt pin to help keep the skirt closed wherever you want. I just need to find it. (My Jr. High School teacher Miss. Craig always wore them).

Here she is with the uniform off. I made her top pink. So, if I make her a pair of "jeans" she will look like in Azkaban with the pink hoodie on.

Now. About her hair. I wanted something that would make it look "bushy" and wild and unruly. I went to Walmart to look for a brown yarn and saw this Bernat Cool Crochet brand and immediately knew I HAD to use it. It's really awesome. It has a shiny metallic copper color along with the brown. (Many of us would kill to have this naturally in our hair!). The problem was, the yarn is so thin. I knew just putting it on her head wouldn't be "bushy" enough. So I decided to put each "hair" on individually, chaining it about 20 times each for thickness. I think it worked great. It took quite q while to do.

Crookshanks and Scabbers. I love them. I used cat's eyes you can get at a hobby store for Crookshanks and the same orange fur yarn as Ron.

Here's the trio together at long last.

You'll have to check the archives here to see the rest of the Potter dolls. Some time this summer I'll try to get some nice pictures of everyone.

Also, I finally found some "wands for the dolls. At Herrschners, they sell "laying tools". (I really don't know what a laying tool does but they also call them "shawl pins" Anyway, I got four different ones for some of the dolls. They make the perfect looking wands.

This one is Snape's wand. I see it is being clearanced this week at Herrschner's and there are only 10 left. I got a bone-white one for Voldy, and a brown spiral one for McGonnagal, and one more I can't remember how it looks. I guess Harry will get it.

Anyway, Happy New Year. I have lots of other projects to photograph and post. This will be a great year!

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