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Thursday, November 22, 2007

In The Groove Bags

Whew! I've escaped from the kitchen and all that turkey-stuff to post my newest projects.(Click on the images for an enlargement of the photos).

I'm calling them Groovy Bags because they have 'ridges', 'ruts', (or grooves if you will), running up and down throughout the bags. It's all front post double crochet back post double crochet etc.
For these two bags I made matching scarves on a knitting loom. It's Caron's Simply Soft Shadows yarn.

It's hard to see the grooves in the bags laying flat so I took a couple shots standing them up. Hopefully you can see them now.

Here's a shot of the scarves alone. They are soooooo soft!

And here's two more shots because I always take too many photos. I added buttons for closure .
I'm making another Groovy Bag with Caron's Jewel Box yarn and it's looking nice too.


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