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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Whole World In Her Hands

Where in the world have I been? Working on this Globe Tote!

(Click to enlarge images).

It's done in tunisian using a graph of the map of the world.

Here's the bottom and top. The Antarctic had to be a perfect circle. The top has white shells that, when cinched closed, kinda, sorta, make up the Arctic.

When I started this project, I had tons of leftover yarns to use for the land; but I had no medium blue like I wanted for the water. I decided to use this variegated Red Heart yarn because it had the kind of blues in it I wanted. Well, guess what. When I was halfway through, I read the color lable on the pagkage, (worried that I may run out and need more), and do you know what the color was??? Ocean!!!!! LOL!!!! I was so surprised!

Here's the side where I joined the two ends after I made the graph. There is a strap going down each side from top to bottom.

I used a sparkly fingering baby yarn, (two strands) to do the straps. Then, to represent clouds, I trimmed the whole bag and straps in this super fine, soft sky-blue Moda Dea yarn. It's really wispy and nice.

I chained a drawstring for it. Hope you can see it there. This is up-side-down so it's along the bottom.


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