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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Some Indonesian Junket Out Of Town...

I received another e-mail from Karen with photos of her travels with Singapore Snape over the summer!
Here's the letter with all the pictures. (Click on them to enlarge the photos).

Hi Becky: Here are some pictures from Snape’s (and my) travels this summer. The first two are from Bali in Indonesia . The first Photobucket is little shrine outside our hotel in Bali . Snape thinks I should build him a little shrine in our sitting room. I said that the only throne he’ll ever find in my house is in the bathroom.

The second Photobucket is Snape at the spa after his massage. (Notice he’s not wearing his robes – you can even see his tag, the little nudist!) I was a little annoyed that he had charged the massage to my account without telling me, but he insisted that “A relaxing, sensual massage [his words, NOT mine – and he pronounces ‘Sensual massage’ in that slightly sleazy British way. So instead of ‘SENSH-oo-al ma-SAJ’ he said ‘SENS-you-al MASS-aj.’ Blecch!] followed by a floral bath, was absolutely necessary for [his] continued mental and physical health, given the stresses [he] endured as a spy and Death Eater.” I grumbled that he’s “been milking that Voldemort excuse for far too long! -- Oh, I can’t take out the garbage because I’m terrified of snakes, and I think there might be one in the garbage chute! Sorry, I didn’t do the dishes, I was having a Cruciatus flashback! Poor me, I can’t pay the red-haired pizza delivery girl because she reminds me of my beloved Lily!” I’ve had it with his little guilt trips

OMG!!!! Look at him eyeing you with his eyebrow lift! LOL! He's really enjoying himself there. LOL!!!

The next Photobucket is from Melaka in Malaysia . It’s a model of a Malaysian house Snape found in the courtyard of our hotel. Snape was beside himself with glee. He’s all prepared to retire there, maybe make a few bucks selling potions. Isn’t it great?

I think this photo of the miniature Malaysian house is absolutely fantastic and Snape looks right at home there. I wonder if he's measured the windows for curtains yet. Karen's gonna definitely have to get him one of those somehow!!!!

Then there are two photos Photobucket Photobucket from St. Paul ’s Church, built by the Portuguese in Melaka in 1521. The two pictures feature Dutch headstones from the 17th century. Snape thought we should decorate our place with skulls and headstones too. “Ugh, I said! Aren’t you a little old to be a Goth?!?”

Ooooh! They look like Deatheater decor for sure!

The next two photos Photobucket Photobucketare from A Famosa, the fort built by the Portuguese in 1511. Snape was enthralled by the cannons, and insisted that I take his picture with them. I said “Hmm. I wonder what Freud would have to say about your fascination with cannons.” Snape thought about this for a second, then fired a jelly-legs jinx at me, and stalked off in a huff. Even though I couldn’t stand up straight for a half-hour, it was totally worth it!

Hope you’re well, Karen

I am laughing at the thought of Karen taking these photos of Snape in the cannon with all these tourists around wondering what the heck is wrong with her. LOL!!!!

I'm so glad Karen sent me more photos and a letter! It's so boring here in Indiana right now. But I feel as though I've travelled a bit myself vicariously, thanks to Karen.

I decided to rewrite some lyrics to Surrender by Cheap Trick in honor of her trip.....(Just click on that link before you read my new lyrics so you can follow allong). :o)

Surrender (Vacation)
(original Words and Music are by Rick Nielsen)

Karen told me, yes, she told me I'd see something new.
She also told me, "Watch out for Snape, you'll never know what he'll do."
Just before the trip I heard their plans were being made.
Some Indonesian junket out of town.

Karen's alright, Snape is alright, they just seem a little weird.
Vacation, vacation, but don't lose your qi Feng shui ay, ay, ay.

Snape had said, "Yes, Karen's right, she's really hip on things."
"Before we became roomies, Karen served in the Canadian Poly Sci wing."
Now, I had heard the kanucks recruited offbeats for their peers.
But Karen's isn't one of those, I've known her all these years.

Karen's alright, Snape is alright, they just seem a little weird.
Vacation, vacation, but don't lose your qi Feng shui, ay, ay, ay.

Whatever happened to all this season's foibles of the year?
Ev'ry time I got to thinking, where'd they disappear?
When she woke up, Snape and Dingo were rolling on the couch.
Snape was losing, rock 'em sock 'em, got his shit kicked out.

Karen's alright, Snape is alright, they just seem a little weird.
Vacation, vacation, but don't lose your qi Feng shui, ay, ay, ay.


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