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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gemini Square - Hey There, Georgy Girl

Well, the Gemini square is done.
It was the one square I was most dreading as I thought it looked a bit funny. (Like a two-headed George Washington.) LOL!
I'll let you all decide. Here it is... (Click on to enlarge the photo)......


Well, what do you think? Does it make you want to sing out "Hey there, Georgy Girl" by the Seekers like it did me?
It doesn't help that there's a G on the square for Gemini which, of course, is also for George.

I've decided to embrace this worst of the zodiac squares from the Zodiac Knits booklet and officially call it my Georgy Girl square. Although it should be Georgy Girls with an s.

Anyway, I do love the song so much!
Here's two live versions on You Tube. Both are great!
Hey There, Georgy Girl and
Hey There, Georgy Girl

I did see the movie once. (Georgy Girl) As I recall it was depressing. It had James Mason in it. And a Redgrave. I think it was Lynn Redgrave.

3 more Zodiac squares to go!!!!!


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