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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Aries Square


I finished the Aries square a while ago but I'm finally getting around to posting it. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Things have been pretty crazy here. My husband has had a total knee replacement and I've been driving him around to therapy and doctors.

Our dog opened the refrigerator last night and got the Easter ham we had leftover. So I won't be making the bean soup I was looking forward to.

Anyway, I wanted to get that Aries square posted so I could put it away with the other squares in the closet. ( lol! I am envisioning a closet full of nerdy people right now.) .... Squares? .... Get it?

What can I say about Aries? I found a couple of cool items over on etsy that have the Aries ram on them.


This cool puzzle. I just love it!


This vintage Aries poster. So awesome!


And this vintage Aries purse. If I were an Aries I would so get this!

There's a ton of other Aries things over at etsy. It's a great site to shop and sell things.
If you haven;t checked it out over there, you really should.


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