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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

That 70's Shift - Zig Zag Daphne Dress

This is the hottest day of the year here in Indiana.
And I went outside to take pictures of my new totally 70's Zig Zag Daphne dress. ("Daphne" is in honor of Daphne from Scooby Doo. She'd wear something like this, (if they'd ever change her out of that purple dress!!) LOL!!!

It's 100% cotton and crocheted with Lily's Sugan 'n Cream yarn in lots of their summertime bright colors.
(You know the yarn. The stuff you make pot holders out of).
Needless to say it's as heavy as all get-out, (hmm what a weird expression that is; I wonder where that came from) and it shrank about 3 inches when I washed it.

So, without any more babble, here she is..... (Please click on the photos to enlarge them).

Photobucket Photobucket

I'm calling this the front but it really doesn't matter which side is front because they are both made the same.
The only difference is in the yarn color at the top. (I had to use a darker color surrounding the pink stripe in the back. Well, you'll see in a minute. I just didn't have enough to make it all the same front and back.)

ANYWAY, I decided to go throw on my hot pink capri pants because if anything was made for these pants, this sweater sure is!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

Here's the back. My hands are on my hips to show you the full effect of the bell sleeves. I could have left it sleeveless like an ordinary shift dress but I just got carried away and decided, what the heck. It's already so screamingly eye-popping and funky I might as well go totally all-out and make the bell sleeves too.

I wanted to make this as simply as possible. That is; not have a million different tricky stitches to handle or measurements to deal with. It's just as it seems. Basically, two rippled panels for the front and back. Two one-rippled side panels not quite as long as the front and back - (to accommodate for the sleeves).

Then, I went to town on the sleeves. Keep in mind that it was even larger before I washed it. But I knew it would shrink up a whole lot so everything had to be big.

I would never wear this as a dress. But I think with some nice bright slacks or even sweat pants this would look neat.
I'm thinking of wearing it on Halloween to pass out treats - if it's cold enough! Man, this thing's HOT!!!!!

I also wanted to let you all know that I have finally decided to sell a few of my things. I have so much stuff, well, stuffed away and there really is no more room. And I need the money! LOL!!!!!

So, if you check in my gallery, I have put a sign up on 3 afghans to start with. I'm letting you know in advance since you're most likely a loyal blog-reader of mine if you are even reading this. I will put them in my etsy shop this weekend. (Unless I choose e-bay. Not sure which way to go with them yet).

The afghans on sale are:

1). The Jim Morrison afghan. It's huge!!!

2). The small Beatles afghan.
That's my son holding it in that photo. That's how small it is.

3). The Harry vs Voldemort afghan. This is about the size of a certain purple squishy sleeping bag. So, about a medium.

I tried to pick three different sized items and also have variety. Music and literature themes. I hope they might appeal to some of you. There's an email address at the very bottom of this blog which you can write to if you're interested in these or have any questions. (Look for the owl.) (If you want to contact me, you have to be weird like me and send an owl.) LOL!

I'll be selling lots more too but I'm starting out small. I have so many different items. I kind of need to see what sort of things people might be interested in. If nobody likes this stuff, I guess I'll find out that too.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog like you do!


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