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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Troublesome Flatmate

A concerned Mariana from Georgia, (U.S. of A.), asked in her comment from the previous post below...
"Any new news on Prof. Snape? Hopefully he's recovered from his umm little falling over accident!"

Oh! Mariana, I'm so glad you asked that!
As a matter of fact, I did receive another e-mail and photo on the well-travelled Potion's Master!!!

Snape's new flatmate, Karan, (but I like to call her Jane), writes this.....
"Hi Becky: Well, it's been quite the week.
Severus is a lot more trouble
than I thought he'd be.

Last night after I went to bed, he graded all of
my midterm exams. I think he was trying to be helpful, but his grading
scheme is just bizarre! I mean, I can't give back tests with a grade of
'Troll' or 'Dreadful'! And the class average is 'Dreadful +'.

Tell me, how I'm supposed to enter that into the computer?
Oh, and he transfigured my feather duster into a quill to do the grading (see
picture) (click on to enlarge)

- you can see he looks quite pleased with himself) and now he
refuses to turn it back and use a pen like a normal person.

Also, weird items keep showing up on my shopping list. Asphodel? Mandrake roots? I
asked him if I could get these at Cold Storage or Carrefours, and he
rolled his eyes and said that any apothecary worth its salt would carry

So now I have to find an apothecary. I don't know about Indiana,
but there aren't a lot of apothecaries in my neighbourhood.

He also said he needed shrivelfigs, but the closest thing I could find were fig
newtons. These ones were a bit old and shrivelly, so I thought they
would work in a pinch.

He rolled his eyes and said he should never have expected more from a dumb muggle who gave him a wand made out of an old chopstick. Sor-ry!

And when he told me he needed beetle eyes, I politely suggested he might make his own, considering there are beetles
everywhere here.

He refused to dignify that with a response, and is currently sulking in the office, while I work frantically to erase some
of his more abusive comments on the midterms. (Magical ink is quite
difficult to cover up with white-out, I'm finding.)

And he won't tell me what he needs all that stuff for, but I found a recipe for something
called Draught of Living Death. So now I'm worried he's planning on
using that on me. You know, you might have warned me that he would be
this way.... Take care, karen"


I love how his new quill is pink!!! I giggled when I saw the photo. (It does match the pink bunny slippers I had made for my Snape doll a while ago).

I think it may be his favorite color. I'll bet he uses that pink parasol from his drink all the time when it's raining over there in Singapore. (Not that there's anything wrong with that). :D LOL!!!!

ANYWAY, I am now concerned about the other Snape doll I sent to North Carolina.
The last we'd heard from them was March 7th 2007. You remember the photo...

(Click on the pic for enlargement).
He didn't look too happy being among the moose. I hope all is well over there......


  • i always love your posts!!

    By Blogger Gina, at 5:59 PM  

  • Thanks, Gina!
    The e-mail really is from KJ too.
    She's fabulously funny and I'm glad she's sending me "updates". :o)

    By Blogger Becky, at 4:55 AM  

  • ROTFL He's such a pip! Of course- we DID expect him to be trouble! I guess it would be impossible for him to be otherwise. As far as the magical ink goes-- maybe something simple like lemon juice and set it out in the sun for a bit. I would sure think that magic can't live in the light?
    I do hope that the Snape in NC hasn't killed all the muggles he was sent to live with. Instead of that frown in the last photo by the moose- he could even as I write this- be smirking.....
    Thank you SOOO much for the update and please continue to do so as you get the reports in. He's such a naughty boy but oh, so much fun to hear about what he's up to next!

    By Blogger Mariana, at 10:15 AM  

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