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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sing-a-Sling, You Sassy Thing...

I received two owls from the Perpetual Potions Professor Snape with some pictures as well!!! (Please click on the photo to enlarge them).

The first letter, written by his new flatmate explains:

"Hi Becky:
He says it was a terrible flight (thank goodness for the
motion sickness potion) but Snape has finally arrived in Singapore. He's
spending the morning sitting on my computer tower, enjoying the view of
the jungle, and frightening students who are coming by to ask about
their term papers (Old habits die hard). I've promised that when we get
back to my flat, I'll give him his wand and a Singapore Sling. I'll send
pictures of that too.
Best, Karen

P.S. - Thanks again. He's really adorable (I'm sure he would hate to
hear that though.)"

(She actually made him a wand out of a chopstick! I couldn't wait to see it!!!)

Then, I received this owl with two photos.....

"Hi Becky: As promised, Severus and I shared a Singapore sling when we
got back to my flat (See first photo --

his is the smaller drink on the ledge). Even though he offered extensive criticism of my potions
stirring technique, he was forced to admit the drink wasn't bad. In
fact, he finished both of them, and after getting all maudlin and
complaining about his miserable life, he passed out on the floor (see
second photo).

I suppose he was drinking on an empty stomache, and the
drinks were rather huge, but still.... Anyway, when I left for work, he
was still asleep on the sofa. Best, Karen"

Now this last photo is a moving, magical photo which I can't seem to capture on Photobucket so you'll just have to imagine this for yourselves folks. As can be expected, his speech was a bit slurred by this time. He reaches for his drink, (the aforementioned Singapore Sling), and he sings a happy toast which goes like this...
"Sing-a-Sling, you sassy thing!
Come to papa
before I drop ya!"
This is where he does, indeed, topple over after downing the rest of his umbrella-laden beverage.
I don't think I should mention, (but I will anyway), how, after he rallied, he lifted up the umbrella and began singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from the musical Mary Poppins and danced rather dangerously on that ledge behind him doing a sort of high-wire act. Luckily there is glass in that window!

Anyway, I'm so happy that he is enjoying his new digs and I wish them all the best!!!!


  • Again, you produce another wonderful aghan! What do you do with them all?

    By Blogger Scarlett, at 3:43 PM  

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