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Monday, June 11, 2007

Mrs. Norris Afghan

(Click on the picture for an enlarged photo).

Yes, it's Mrs. Norris, Filch's cat from the Harry Potter books. (Or at least an image I thought personified her, anyway.)
I found the image at a stencil site so if anyone knows who created the image in the first place, (or even who the cat really is), just speak up and I'll make a note of it!

Here's two close-ups. I also sewed on my name label too.

The afghan measures 32"w x 56"L. It is done in tunisian afghan stitch with a cabled size H hook.

The yarn is a light fuscia in Red Heart, light raspberry in Red Heart, and Dark Purple in Caron one Pounder.
I thought the pinks/purples would fit in nicely with Dolores Umbridges" hideous clothes, cat plates, and decor. Plus it looks very mysterious. Like a cat ought to be!

In the books, Mrs Norris is described as having "lamp-like yellow eyes."
So,the eyes are a combination of a baby fingering yarn called Red Heart BABY Econo, in Pale yellow which has a "silverish" thread running through it too PLUS I used that glow-in-the-dark yarn Nightlights, (which I had to buy on e-bay) that I used to make the Voldemort doll with.

I tried to take a photo of the afghan in the dark closet so you could see the eyes glow, (see that last photo above), but, of course, the flash went off. (I couldn't take photos of the Voldy doll glowing for you either, remember?)

This is the back. Oooo, zombie kitty!

According to Wikipedia, "Filch's cat's name, "Mrs Norris", is borrowed from Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park. In that book, Mrs Norris is a nosy, interfering character who makes life difficult for the heroine, Fanny Price."


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