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Monday, June 04, 2007

America's Dairyland Recycled Bottle Vase

How have you-all been?
My weekend was filled with my son's high school graduation and I'm sorry I haven't been able to post anything until now. (Finished projects are reallly backing up and I might have to try and get more snaps taken of them throughout the week to catch up)!

Moooooooove yourself to click on these pictures of my recycled Starbucks glass Frappiccino bottle which is now a vase.

They start out looking like this. However, I found mine in the garage empty. (Apparently my son bought one, drank it, and left the bottle in there hoping it would magically find it's way into the garbage).

Well, I fell in love with it. The bottle is shaped like a small old-fashioned milk jug and it's glass. How could I part with it???

I peeled the lable off and it became even more beautiful. I ran it through the dishwasher to clean it totally.

Now to decide how I wanted it to look. What colors to use?
Well, the milk bottle/cow theme was the obvious choice.

I decided to go with a Wisconsin theme so I could make it and send it off to my sis, (a proud Cheese-Head who is still recovering from various ailments that have baffled the scientific community at large.) (Or at least the scientific community throughout America's Dairyland). (Does Wisconsin have a scientific community?) LOL!!!!

So, color choice had to be the Green Bay Packers. Green and yellow. (Remember to click on the pictures to make them larger).

I began at the bottom, crocheted a circle, reached the circumfrence of the bottle and then continued to go around and around the bottle changing colors until I reached the top. (I had to decrease some stitches as it becomes more narrow.)

The "cap" is made from a Wisconsin state quarter which has a cow, cheese, and corn on it. I "framed" the quarter with a soup can pop top lid tab thingy. It's totally crocheted in there and isn't going anywhere. I tried to make it look like a flower with the quarter as it's center. I added beads to the edge.

It's not really a functioning cap or anything. It's just decorative. I don't know what happpened to the real cap that was on it to begin with.
Anyway, I chained the yarn to form a tie, added a toggle bead to loop it through and added more beads to the end of that.

What do you-all think? Pretty cheesy, huh? LOL!!!!


  • LOL! Excellent! You're so creative!

    Oh, and congrats to your son on his graduation!

    By Blogger Jennifer, at 12:54 PM  

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