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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Milky Way Nap Sack

I know Mother's Day isn't until next week, but I finished this today and took photos and got them resized and uploaded so here it is a bit early. (Images are clickable for enlargement).

It's a baby's sleep sack with a breastfeeding symbol on one side and "The Milky Way" on the other.

I am entering this in a contest over at The topic for the contest is anything food-related. So, I googled "feeding" and found this absolutely wonderful icon here. The symbol is the winning design in a contest they held for a breastfeeding icon/symbol. The article states that the designer of the symbol signed over the rights to public domain so anyone can use it for anything.

Ok, on to more photos of the making of the nap sack.

I actually took photos while making it this time since it was for a contest and I didn't know how much they expect you to show. This is showing how it's all one piece. I started at the top of the Mommys head, worked down the graph to the bottom, then, (after graphing the words at a Celtic graph generator here, I worked from that graph from the bottom on up to the top past the word "The". I hope that makes sense to you-all. LOL! You can see in the photo by where the hook is I hadn't gotten to the word "The" just yet.

I used a long H afghan hook.

Ok, once I finished making it with the graphs, I had to weave in all the loose ends. These next two photos show the backs as I joined the sides together with single crochet.

I used a regular H hook for the joining. The yarn is Red Heart Periwinkle and Caron One Pounder in white.

Then you turn it right-side-out.

Once the sides were joined, I thought it would be nice to put a fluffly cloud-like border around the seams. (It was a bit "puckery" in places. So I used two strands of a yarn by Moda Dea called Chichi in "baby blues" color. This yarn is so incredibly soft! I went up the sides and then around the top three times. This is where it would touch a baby's head/face so it's nice to have such soft yarn there.

Here's two shots of the inside. I decided not to line it. The H hook made an extremely tight stitch and it is very warm and snuggly. Plus a baby would probably have a sleeper on.

And finally, (not having any babies here to model this for you), here's two shots with a raggedy Ann doll to give you an idea of the size. She is 14 inches across by 18 inches tall. Once it's folded over and done, the nap sack is 14 inches by 19 inches long.
If you've made this doll kit of Ann you know it's about the same size. I put her in and her arms are still extended out and she fits just perfect. But I had to pull her head up so it would be out of the sack because the sack is longer than her. I don't remember how long a baby is, (it's been a while folks LOL!!!), but I imagine it's about the right size.

Anyway, Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!


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