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Monday, December 22, 2008

Triple Nips (LCR) dice game covers

Sam: "What's up, Norm?"
Norm: "My nipples, it's freezing out there."

Ah yes. Who can ever forget the Cheers t.v. show? And it certainly is that cold out right now too, Norm.

But this quote really has nothing to do with my next project except for the word nipple which is always fun to throw in as an attention-grabber.

Anyway, I've tapestry crocheted covers for the dice game officially called "Left, Center, Right" (LCR).
Click on photos to enlarge.


But if your living in the quirky towns of Oswego or Montgomery in Illinois you'd probably know this game by it's unofficial title; "Triple Nips". a.k.a. "Triple Nipples"
Now I'm not sure how or who first started calling it this, but that's not important now.

What is important is the fact that it's a really fun dice game that anybody can play from kids to grown-ups. It has three dice and some playing chips in the container along with the game instructions. But we've never played using the chips. We always use quarters or pennies.

They used to sell them in stores like Target or Walmart or Walgreens I was told. But I couldn't find them there so I had to order mine online. It's cheaper to buy in numbers so I got three. One for each of my sons for Christmas. I had already made two covers for games which I gave to my nieces over the summer and I haven't heard back yet about whether they've played the game yet or not.

The covers really make the simple dice game feel like you've got something more valuable and important in your hands. It also attaches the lid to the container so you don't lose it. You don't have to remove the container from the cover, just tip out the dice. And you only need one dice game for a whole group of people to play. My guys will be going back to college so they can each have their own game with them.

Now, one more word on this game. It seems to become a lot more fun the more folks you have playing and the more you have to drink while your playing.

To play the game, I hope you all have someone like my absolutely insane former neighbor named Pam who will do a hilarious sort of "Triple Nips" dance movement whenever she rolls three dots. It's really a highlight of the game and we always hope she'll get those triple nipples just to watch her go!!! LOL!!!


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