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Friday, August 28, 2009

It's the story... of a guy named Harry...


I've heard from totallee again with more photos!


Wow! She's really plugging away at this afghan!!!! I LOVE the Drake!


I received the nicest e-mail a couple of days ago from an Aussie crocheter named Lee!
Here's some of what she had to say...

Hi there!

I'm undertaking my first 'blanket' at the moment and it just so happens to be Harry Potter themed -_^
I plan to make it in the style of the famous BradyBunch intro - 9 squares featuring my fave characters and when I put the call out for a great snape picture to use, someone put me onto your site and my eyes fell upon your INCREDIBLE Snape afghan!
Talk about the perfect picture to use!! Mysterious to the max!
So with your piece as my inspiration, I made my Snape panel! (see attachments)

4 panels down, 5 to go!! (that's if I can manage to cut down the amount of characters I want to have!! Proving to be EXTREMELY difficult!)

Once again, I''m a big fan of your work Becky!
(Head swelling)
Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!
Much love,
Lee xox.

I've asked her and she was kind enough to let me post her letter and two photos she sent me.
Check out her finished squares so far!!!!! (Click on them to enlarge).

Photobucket Photobucket

Aren't they FABULOUS!!!!!!!
What a great idea doing a "Brady Bunch" blanket with Harry Potter characters!!!!!
I LOVE it!!!!

Look at Hermione's hair!!!! It must have been very difficult to do that part. I love the off-centered positioning of the characters. Just like they were the Brady family moving around in their squares looking at each other.

Who will go in the center? Harry? (I would put Snape in there, of course!) LOL!!!!
Where ever she puts Harry, I hope she can put Snape nearby so it looks like he's giving the ol' "stink-eye" to the 'chosen one' forever! LOL!!!

I wonder who else she's doing. Dumbledore and Hagrid most likely, but then who?
I really can't wait to see how it all turns out!

My jaw dropped when I visited her site.
She has done some really great portrait pieces. You really should scoot over there and check out her work!!!!

AND she's posting the Potter portrait patterns to her afghan for free! Yes FREE!

Why are you all still here? Go check out her site!


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