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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Up-cycled Princess Pouffe

When I saw this used Dora the Explorer stool at Goodwill last week I knew it was the perfect frame for making my own stool with a fabric I'd been saving for just this item to come along. (Clicking on the photos will enlarge them).

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Here's the stool "before" shot and the girl's dress fabric I just fell in love with when I found it, (also at Goodwill), a while ago.
The Dora stool had a ratty-looking purple eye-lashy fringe going around it which I had already removed before this shot. You can still see pieces of it though. It was glued on.

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So, I unscrewed the legs which was difficult as I could not get one undone to save my life.
Then I cut a nice size piece of the dress that I wanted to be centered on the stool and laid it overtop the Dora cushion.
I then hand-sewed the fabric all along the edge attaching the new dress fabric.
Then I placed the legs back over the areas where they previously were, only with the new fabric now on.
I couldn't get the screws to work. I think they must have had "nuts" at the other end which were now inside the puffy cushion so I went to the garage and got slightly longer screws.
I also got out my trusty crazy glue tube and went to town reattaching the legs.

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Finally, here's a couple shots of the finished pouffe, (stool).
I sewed on my own fluffy pink boa to the edge of it.
If you look at the fabric it's definitely a queen or princess cat with an aide at her side.

The underside of the stool said it would hold 100 lbs. I seriously doubt that.
I wouldn't put more weight than 50 lbs on this.
It would make a nice side table to set things on.
It folds up easily for storage.

I still have the other half of the dress fabric. I wonder what else I can make with it.
It's such an awesome fabric. (The tag on the dress said "Xhilaration".) I think they sell that brand at Target.


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