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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dylan Radical Bag

I've been depressed this week.
I have been working this out through my crochet.
Hope you don't mind my expressing myself here.

I love Bob Dylan and his lyrics. I feel the bag speaks for itself. And me.

This is the front, (done in tunisian crochet). Click on the picture for a larger view.

Here's the back of the tote. (In case you are feeling less....verbose....LOL!!!!)

Here it is propped up to a standing position.

And the back; standing.

Here's a close-up of the handle. It is red suede. I got it after Christmas one year in a clearance aisle at Michael's store for a buck. (Woo hooo for me!) I had to cut it in three equal pieces, use a hand leather punch to go around each piece, (my hands are still killing me from this). Then, I used a black and red size 3 thread to crochet the pieces together. Then, I went around the whole thing with a combo of a black Carmen thread and the red Fun Fur. (My hubby says the red Fun Fur is a bit much but I always seem to go way overboard beyond what really is needed. Oh well, at least it grabs the attention and gets you to notice it. LOL!!)

I used a peace graph I found at this site...

I pulled it inside-out to show you-all I actually lined it. I almost never line things because I have to sew it all by hand and I'm terrible at measuring and all. But for this, I wanted to do it. (You may recognize the fabric as that of the Hogwart's castle walls. I still have a lot left).

Here I'm showing the bottom on the inside. I sewed in a strip of the gridded plastic canvas to give the bottom of the tote extra strength. I wonder if it would hold a laptop. Not sure about that.

Two more last shots. I wanted a nice big close-up so you could really read it good. I had my son read it and he didn't follow where you're supposed to go, (but I don't think he knows the song.)
I hope all of you can make it out. I did it free-hand and that is always difficult.

I wanted to do more lyrics to it, (I feel every line is so important), but I could only fit in so much. I chose the final line as it was the most important to me..
If you are unfamiliar with the song, just google "Bob Dylan lyrics Blowin' In The Wind.
(I joked to my hubby that I could have called this the "Wind Bag" instead of the "Radical Bag". LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Peace!


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