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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Voldemort Doll

Finally, as promised, I have taken pictures of old Voldy.
The sun was shining bright outside today.

(All images are clickable for a larger view.)

I tried to make his hood pointy like the DeathEaters. He glows-in-the-dark too but none of those photos turned out. My camera just got confused. I had to order special glow-in-the dark yarn called Nightlight from a seller on e-bay. I also combined that with DMC glow-in-the-dark thread for a really nice glow.

I made him a shirt because, lets face it, he won't stay shirtless for the next movie. He's Voldemort. He'll probably get something really nice. I chose this awesome fabric which was from a gypsy costume. It was a head scarf. It has these metallic gold sequins sewn on throughout. I wanted something that would have a snake-skin effect. Because, let's face it. The man is turning into some sort of snake-man creature. LOL!!!! I made this great cauldron from a witches cauldron candy dish pattern. I can't find the link again, but I will keep looking because it was a great pattern. I originally made it for Hagrid so he could heat his dragon's egg in it, (A soon-to-be Norbert).

But now it is for Voldy to be "reborn" in. Like the IU crate? This is where I keep all the dolls. Except for Hagrid. He's too big and goes in a Slytherin canvas bag I have. My son goes to IU so I'm just giving them a free plug I guess. LOL!!!

Here's the whole gang. I've never taken any shots of all of them yet.

I've given Hagrid keys. I made him a keyring, (using a keyring, LOL!), and a package of tiny metallic-painted, (yet plastic), keys. Also, I made McGonnagal a nose. I figured; if Voldy hasn't got one, Minerva ought to. It's rather long and large. Oh well.Here's the tallest, (Hagrid), and the smallest, (Flitwick), dolls in one shot. I absolutely HATE the look of Flitwick in the last two movies. He was perfect to begin with so why did they make him into a Mini-Moe? (Stooge). Old pals. Is Snape his most loyal servant? No Way!!!!!!!

Well, that's finally it. I need to sew one more wall onto the outer castle gate thingy of the Hogwarts Castle. Then that should be done too.

Hope you'all like the Voldy. He's just so.....bald there really wasn't much to feature in making the doll. I always appreciate any comments. Thanks for looking!


  • hi hun, wow!!!!! I'm a big HP fan myself and your work is amazing, you've combined two of my fav things, HP and crochet :)
    very cool.

    By Blogger naida, at 3:02 PM  

  • Hi Beck,
    I just checked out your blog via Crochetville - and I hardly ever make a comment after reading just one post - but your dolls deserves kudos RIGHT NOW! Fantastic work!

    By Blogger Jill, at 1:33 PM  

  • WOW! Those are awsome... I never would have thought to crochet Harry potter charaters! great job!

    By Blogger Justine, at 7:39 PM  

  • The reason Warwick Davis looks different is that he's playing a different character. Flitwick did not lead the choir. I don't, off-hand, remember the new character's name, but, as in Star Wars & some other films he's been in, he's playing multiple roles.

    By Blogger Kristin, at 10:10 PM  

  • Hmm, that's very interesting. I didn't know that. I am relieved because I think the Warwick Davis Flitwick was absolutely perfect in the film.
    Do you know who he is credited in the Askaban movie as being? That is; in the credits, or in the script, who does it say Warwick is playing?

    By Blogger Becky, at 6:28 AM  

  • I don't know how I've managed to miss your blog until now. Fabulous stuff! Keep going!

    By Blogger ladylinoleum, at 4:31 PM  

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