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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Help! I ran out of discontinued thread!

I've finished the four walls and two of the towers and now I'm out of crochet thread.

The thread is Coats and Clark
Aunt Lydia's Denim`Quick Crochet
Article # 152
Color: 1143 Olive
400 yards

I bought it at JoAnn's Fabric Etc.. It was clearanced, (naturally), so when I went back they didn't carry it anymore.

I found two on e-bay and snagged them right away.

Since then I've tried on-line to every store imaginable with no luck!

Well, at least with these two coming from e-bay I can make the two other outer towers and, if I have to, I can always make the inner towers with black or something. IF I can find black.

I'll have to get some pictures taken of the castle so far.
It's hard to picture what it will turn out to be like when right now it's pretty much flat and one-dimentional.

I will have to get some bendable plastic mesh to insert into the towers and lash to the castle walls to prop it all up and make it play-house worthy. LOL!!


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