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Friday, March 24, 2006

Alan Self-Portrait Mystery Solved

I sent an e-mail to a most avid and informed Alan Rickman fan named Claudia, (who has one of the best Alan Rickman fan sites around;
and she was finally able to track down the info on the self-portrait.
(Many thanks to her friends who visit her guestbook regularly and who collectively know almost EVERYTHING there is to know about Mr. Rickman.)

A shy fan wrote to Claudia saying this:

That EBay picture was xeroxed from the tea towel. it was done for the charity Youth TV, which Rima is on the board of. I don't know when he actually drew the self-portrait, but he allowed it to be stamped on a limited number of tea towels to be auctioned off at a YTV fundraiser sometime in the past 5 years. That's all I know.
Isn't that so bizarre and wonderful? Teatowels?! Who'd have thought?

Thanks again to everyone who helped!


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