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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Thread Snape bag

Thread Snape Bag
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This bag is made out of number 10 crochet thread. I made a grid similar to the potholder grids, and then crocheted the word SNAPE on it.

Then I decided to make a snake winding its way from across the top, throught to the bottom, (between the ending and beginning of his name), and around the bottom.

I used cat's eyes for the snake eyes. You can just buy them at any craft store. Just make it so the pupils are vertical.

I lined it with Harry Potter fabric.

The handle I made by doing a macrame square knot twisting around, It looks very snake-like. I am very happy with that.

For the bottom, - I was reading the last book and then it hit me. I had to make it a spider's web and put a spider on it too. The spider is very realistic. A Halloween decoration. It has a sort of velvateen fuzz to it. I really hope Snape is not an animagi spider. That would be really gross! But for someone who lives on "Spinner's End" and zapped flies in his room as a child, it may be very likely.

I haven't stopped working on the castle. I have all the towers done and the walls. I even made a Great Hall too. I need to make the roofs now. The flash on my camera doesn't work so I'm not sure I can take pictures all winter. I usually bring the items outside and photograph them in the sun. But now the deck is covered in snow.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the purse. After the castle is done, now that the movie is out, I would like to make a Voldemort doll. And I think I will need to make a Ron and Hermione too. Eventually.


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